Measures due to the coronavirus

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Geveke wants to deal with the consequences of the corona virus in a healthy, safe and responsible way. The health of our employees and relations is of paramount importance. In response to recent developments, we have therefore taken the following measures from Monday March 16, 2020 and will apply until further notice. 

  • Employees with (mild) complaints such as a common cold, cough, sore throat or fever must work from home.
  • Working at home is encouraged. As many employees as possible work preventively from home. The continuation of the company is taken into account.
  • External visitors to our office are currently not welcome.
  • Visitors in the field of logistics, postal and courier services are still welcome, but we deal appropriately with their visits (do not shake hands, keep an appropriate distance, avoid direct contact, etc.).
  • Personal visits to customers, prospects and suppliers will take place again. We will conform to any instructions from the customer.
  • Visits by our service staff to our relations will continue as usual, unless the customer refuses this. Needless to say, our employees will stick to the applicable safety & hygiene measures.
  • There is a travel ban for all employees for traveling abroad.
  • If an employee has recently visited a risky area, a compulsory notification before starting work is necessary and subsequent steps will be taken. 
  • We have informed all employees about the applicable hygiene measures and we ensure a safe workplace.
We ask you for your understanding. We expect that these measures will help to prevent the virus from spreading further. We continue to provide you with the best possible service.

For more information about the measures taken, please email to
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