Clean room for maintenance

of ACD cryogenic pumps

Especially for maintaining and overhauling ACD cryogenic pumps, Geveke Pompen has fitted a separate clean room in its workshop. This clean room meets the standards of ISO 14644, part 1, Class 7 and the filters are HEPA class 14. The clean room operates under overpressure and is equipped with a modern ultrasonic cleaning tank, a separate flushing tank and the required tools to ensure the maintenance can be performed absolutely oil-free and grease-free. The maintenance to the cryogenic ‘cold ends’ is executed by specially by ACD trained technicians and takes place in accordance to stringent quality requirements and the original manufacturer's directions. Thus also pumps for liquid oxygen in medical applications can be serviced.

In addition Geveke Pompen has installed a vacuum pump, in order to create when necessary, an under pressure of up to 0.05 mbara in parts of the housing. Combined with the newly installed oven, parts can be dried under vacuum, to ensure that no liquid residue is left behind in the pump. Special auxiliary tools further simplify the maintenance. 

The Geveke Pompen service department has many years of experience in the field of servicing pumps. This expansion of our service offering is in line with the market demand and offers added value to European users of ACD cryogenic pumps.

ACD cryogenic pumps are used to pump oxygen, liquid natural gas (LNG), nitrogen, ethylene, argon, hydrogen and carbon-dioxide, and are, amongst others, used in the production and delivery of industrial gasses. 

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