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Geveke is an international technical trading company. The Geveke head office is based in Amsterdam. Geveke focuses on a wide variety of activities such as consultancy, supply, starting up and maintenance of a large range of high quality technical, industrial and capital products and services. These products and services are of crucial importance to the customers and their production processes or activities. Therefore Geveke has a focus on technical maintenance and services.

Geveke consist of several sales units. Each unit is active with a series of products tailored specifically to the needs of the individual  customer groups. The products are obtained from internationally renowned manufacturers, each specialized in their own field. In this interaction, the employees of Geveke are the indispensable link between customers on the one hand and manufacturers on the other hand. 

Geveke, we keep industry running!

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Kabelweg 21 (Einsteingebouw)
NL-1014 BA Amsterdam
Postbus 820
NL-1000 AV Amsterdam

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