Methanol Injection Packages

Pump systems to prevent the formation of hydrates by injection of methanol, ethanol, LDHI or KHI

To avoid hydrate formation in pipelines, X-mas trees, umbilicals and export headers liquids like methanol, ethanol, LDHI or MEG are injected. For this application usually high pressure and high flowrate systems are used.

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  • Systems usually designed for high pressures and high volumes
  • Simple accessibility and maintainability
  • Suitable for lean fluids

Because of the flammable and volatile character of these liquids, pressurized tanks with blanketing systems are commonly used for this application. The package further include reciprocating pumps, suction and discharge piping complete with valves and instrumentation. In view of the hazardous character of the fluids the reciprocating pumps have to be leak free, these can be either double diaphragm or plunger type. The piping is mostly high pressure piping with RTJ flanges or hub and clamp connections. For very large volumes plunger pumps with special seals are used; these are mounted on large base frames.


  • Pressures up to 1200 bar
  • Capacity adjustment by stroke length or pump speed
  • In accordance with API 675, API 674
  • Either double diaphragm or plunger leak free pumps are available

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Chemical Injection Packages

Chemical injection packages for injecting all kind of chemicals. The packages are compliant to specific requirements for FPSO’s, TLP’s, MOPU’s and other on- and offshore installations

Chemical Injection Packages

Chemical Transfer Packages

Pump systems for transportation of large volumes of various chemicals

Chemical Transfer Packages
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