Nitrogen Generation Packages

For on-site production of nitrogen with purities from 95% up to 99.999%

Gaseous nitrogen is used in the oil and gas industry to decrease the risk of fire, explosion, or oxidation. Gaseous nitrogen can be used for instrument panel purging, flare header purging, pipeline and tank purging, and instrument panel purging, dry gas seal, and storage tank blanketing.

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  • Quick start-up and stable Nproduction
  • Minimal energy consumption
  • Low investment, high efficiency
  • Suitable for hazardous areas
  • No moving parts

Nitrogen can be supplied to an offshore plant in bottles. But as the nitrogen bottles need to be refilled regularly, transporting them in large quantities or to remote locations is costly, burdensome, and time-consuming. 

When large capacities are required in remote areas it’s more efficient to produce nitrogen on-site. Membrane nitrogen generation packages or PSA based nitrogen generation packages can produce nitrogen at different capacities and purities. Geveke designs, builds, and supplies nitrogen generation packages for such applications. Each package is built based on customer’s requirements.

Geveke also provides 24/7 worldwide field maintenance for nitrogen generation packages. We deliver spare parts and consumables, such as membranes, filters and active carbon, providing a complete service for nitrogen generation.


  • Membrane units can reach purities up to 99.9% N2
  • PSA unit can reach purities up to 99.999% N2
  • Operating pressures from 4 to 25 barg

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Chemical Injection Packages

Chemical injection packages for injecting all kind of chemicals. The packages are compliant to specific requirements for FPSO’s, TLP’s, MOPU’s and other on- and offshore installations

Chemical Injection Packages

Chemical Distribution Panels

Panels which provide the possibility of dosing chemicals to multiple injection points simultaneously

Chemical Distribution Panels
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