Produced Water Packages

To meet discharge regulations (local, state and federal), reusing treated produced water in oil and gas operations

During the lifetime of oil and gas fields the amount of water in the oil and gas flow increases. This produced water is the most important waste stream on basis of volume in oil and gas production. The water varies greatly in quality and quantity, therefore several ways for water treatment are developed. Geveke supplies a range of produced water equipment in order to meet the water quality regulations.

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  • A wide range of solutions for water treatment
  • Suitable for onshore and onshore applications

Treatment of produced water is a proven and effective option for produced water handling. Based on the type of pollution there are several ways of removal of hydrocarbons and/or suspended solids from the produced water.

Available techniques for cleaning of produced water are:

  • Induced Gas Flotation; for removal of both emulsified oil droplets and fine solids particles
  • Deoiling hydrocyclones: removal of free and dispersed oil and grease
  • Desanding hydrocyclones: removal of sand and solids from produced water
  • Corrugated plate interceptors: for bulk removal of large oil and solid particles
  • Compact floatation unit: multiple separation technologies including cyclonic and flotation principles delivering enhanced oil separation with a reduced footprint and low pressure drop
 Geveke is able to supply a produced water treatment system complete with suitable pumps according API 675 for produced water injection and API 610 booster pumps.


Target or typical performance (depending upon technology and process conditions):
  • Up to 5 ppm OIW
  • Up to 2 micron solids

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Chemical Injection Packages

Chemical injection packages for injecting all kind of chemicals. The packages are compliant to specific requirements for FPSO’s, TLP’s, MOPU’s and other on- and offshore installations

Chemical Injection Packages

Methanol Injection Packages

Pump systems to prevent the formation of hydrates by injection of methanol, ethanol, LDHI or KHI

Methanol Injection Packages
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